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Our vehicles

Mutti spa put first vehicles with the features and optional that provide greater security to drivers, external environment and excellent performance in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance.

The company has always equipped its vehicles with the more advanced technology: partnering with some of the most successful European chemical producers (including many multinational companies) has imposed high standards.

The tractors, mainly DAF and MAN, are replaced every 3-5 years to have the opportunity to obtain the highest performance. Al of them are Euro 6, Euro 5 or EVV, low impact emissions.

The mechanic’s workshop, built at our headquarters and active 7 days out of 7, provides security controls and ongoing support.

All drivers are constantly supported by central office that uses well advanced technology such as GPS (Global Position System) installed on each vehicle.

We also have GPS system integrated with our internal systems; in this way it is possible the constant updating and control of the drivers/trucks positions and the improvement of road routes with the possibility of intervention that can solve any emergencies 24 hours 24.

This allows the customer to ensure the accuracy and security that have always distinguished the brand Mutti in Europe in the transport sector.