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The organization of the Company



Mutti is aware of the crucial importance of human resources in order to perform an high level of service.














We employ skilled personnel with years of experience in the logistics sector.

Each person has his specific skills to be dedicated to the company and to the customers, supporting  the planning office, giving an absolute guarantee that every transport is managed in a controlled manner.

We have studied and designed a software based on our specific operational needs.

This software acts as a support to operators and allows us to daily manage optimally every detail of services, from the order entry to the delivery of the product to the final receiver, ensuring the fast tracking of all information relative to transport in any phase of the logistic process.

For our customers is provided the opportunity to connect in real time with our offices to check the position of the products they entrusted us.

Our customer service, integrated and always in touch with the planning office, provides consistent information to customers by offering dedicated solutions to each specific situation.