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Services What we offer

Being specialized in a "niche" sector requires great care and ability to satisfy the customer, a technical equipment that ensures the best efficiency and a well-qualified and trained personnel.

To make the most of the transport services required by customers, Mutti uses road infrastructure on a European scale and partnership with Railways and Marine Services, in order to have the greatest number of logistic solutions possible to be able to propose.

The regularly carried products are often very special and with hazardous characteristics: corrosiveness, flammability, toxicity, high temperatures to maintain.




We can briefly summarize our services as follows


Road transport in road tankers
Road transport in road container
Intermodal transport (rail-train)
Multimodal transport (road + short sea shipments)



The strengths


Pick-up and loading of products with a special care
Delivery safely in the shortest possible time
Traceability of the product at any time of the transportation process
Immediate information after delivery to our customers
Cost of transport always line with the market prices


Mutti in Europe

The company safely transports goods throughout the European territory. The logistics network and market shares on a European scale of MUTTI are widely tested, considering the confidence that major customers continue to grant us for years.

The main destinations served are indicated on the above map. The more consolidated loading points are the following:

Milan, Marseille, Lyon, Le Havre, Barcelona, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Basel, Mannheim, Hamburg, Munich, Bratislava, Budapest.