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Quality Our priority

MUTTI spa embraces the politics of quality and safety, addressed to the complete satisfaction of the customer and the controlled management of risks that are implicit when transporting hazardous materials on a daily basis.

First Italian carrier to obtain the ISO 9000 certification in 1993, MUTTI is regularly ISO 9001 certified and also adhering to the format and guidelines provided for international SAFETY AND QUALITY ASSESSMENT SYSTEM (SQAS), which represents a valuable tool for the evaluation of continuous improvement pursued by the company.



Policy of quality, environment, health and safety and CSR:

It is the main point of the Integrated Management System

Includes a commitment to continual improvement and prevention of environmental pollution and of the risks for health and safety of workers


Is pursued:


Having a constant commitment to the prevention of accidents, especially those that may involve the environment

Reducing atmospheric emissions of exhaust gases produced by the vehicles, provided by the regular maintenance of the fleet and the constant renewal of it

Reducing the risks associated with the conduct of their work are constantly updating employees on the general risks of the activity, the specific risks of the job, the current regulations of the Highway Code, relating to safe driving rules on the transport of dangerous goods (ADR)

Conducting regular training and refresher courses crews by implementing the principles of BBS in the safe driving of vehicles for road transport and for the operations of loading and unloading;


MUTTI spa is committed in creating and maintaining a safe work environment, healthy and productive for all its operators. Therefore, the use of substances altering the psycho-physical state, such as alcohol and drugs is strictly forbidden.

The company policy operates in such a way as to ensure the safety of its employees, customers, the public and third parties involved in the carrying out of the service:



Providing employees with suitable protection equipment and in line with the specific requirements of customers


Guaranteeing an emergency service with a coverage of 24/24 h.


The company, due to its constant attention to the issues mentioned above, can boast of having passed all the rigorous safety testing of large multinational that has the pleasure to have as a partner.